High School Fun

Finally I got  a chance to be on my blog,  I have been busy tweaking another theme a while ago I thought we are not going to the gym tonight but we did, after our gym schedule. Cook, eat and return tweaking when I eventually finished it I remember promising ate Rose that I am going to look   a picture for nostalgia. I have looked through my pictures and I don’t find anything nostalgic, well since it is Christmas exchange gift during Christmas is not new.

My nostalgic story happened  about  eleven years ago and I am still in high school,  I don’t know how it started but my group of classmates keeps teasing me with my other classmate. Whenever they see me  they will serenade me with a love song which makes me mad, pissed of because they followed me whenever I go and after singing they will call my name and my guy classmates.

I don’t have a crush on that classmate of mine even though he is not ugly, he got looks actually he is just  so thin.  Sometimes a thought comes to mind maybe he likes me that’s why they teased me, all I remember that guy classmate always teased me during our first year high school, he always hide the candies I am selling or sometimes stole some candies from me and whenever I caught him, he will run around our classroom and I have to run after him to get my candies.

That’s all I remember, anyway one day I got enough of their serenade, I just thought they will not stop doing it if I always let them see I am affected, well I can’t remember the songs that they used to tease me  but I remember one “Maari bang magtanong …” so when they teased me again  I sing back to them with a  frog voice “Bakit di na lang totohanin ang lahat….”  then laughter.

Since then they stop teasing me which I eventually miss, haha. Anyway when our exchange gift came I was shock to know who got my name, my dear classmate the one they teased to me.  We don’t know who’s our manita or manito because our class president used a codename for everyone of us and we will just know it on the night of our exchange gift.

So when a guy wearing a polo shirt came in front of me, waaahhh angels sing a lullaby. Shock, speechless and everything, it feels very ironic, is it real or coincidence? Anyway after exchange gift, eating time then there’s a dance dance but I left home already because  I have told my mother I am just going to attend exchange gift that’s why she let me go with my sister.  So I left with her and my friend, my friend has no choice because she can’t go home alone the fare is expensive and if there’s three of us it’s bit cheaper.

Anyway I didn’t really had a crush on him, well maybe slight but not to the extent I am going to blush you know my type of guy is a blushing one, means white skin.  On our senior years in high school I have heard he fancied one of our classmate and even asked her for a date during our JS Prom, it hurts a slight I thought he likes me., hahaha (Joke)

Anyway it’s been eleven years since that event and as what I know the Christmas wrapper is still intact, I have found it when I left Philippines and segregated my things, and even the pink purse. I just used it once on our JS Prom,  because you know I am kinda boyish and I don’t bring stuff like that at school. The little mirror set with comb  is nowhere to be found anymore as what I know my younger sister play with it.

Well that’s it, right now I am happily married and as what I know that classmate of mine is in relationship  and I think he is already engaged to one of our classmate.


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