Choose the right wedding music

 A wedding is the most romantic occasion to celebrate.  It only happens once in a woman’s life. That’s why everything needs to be in order and proper. When we got married, I was the one who arranged everything because my husband was abroad. I had to choose the motif, the church, and where the reception would be held.  You’re not going to believe me but I am also the one who designed and made our wedding invitations. We just printed them at the shop where we rented my bride’s maid gowns.

Months before our wedding, I was busy and excited searching for proper wedding music to use during the ceremony; I searched for a traditional wedding march and some songs like ‘Endless Love,’ ‘Back at One,’ ‘Making a Memory of us’ and especially ‘Till Death Do us Part’. I downloaded them online and burned  them on a CD.  I was so meticulous in every detail because I wanted our wedding to be special and unforgettable.

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